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Magnistretch – The perfect bed for the active lifestyle!

The MagniStretch mattress, created by Magniflex, recently received an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association for it’s patented design for back pain relief.

Magniflex builds innovative back-relieving technology into MagniStretch. MagniStretch is built from Magniflex’s proprietary technology and offers superior comfort and back pain relief.

Premium mattress brand, Magniflex, used a proprietary technology to create a pain relieving mattress called MagniStretch. MagniStretch uses the pressure exerted by the body to gently stretch the back and spinal column. This subtle traction gradually increases space between the vertebrae, which improves blood circulation and alleviates back pain. MagniStretch was built with a patented technology that was obtained in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Zaragoza University. After a complex program of ergonomic tests, the patent was issued.

Emeritus Professorof Orthopedics, Antonio Herrera Rodriguez had this to say about the innovative technology, “It leads to greater and quicker recovery with respect to intervertebral-disc height and relaxation of the musculature of the spinal column.”

How it works

The exclusive inclined section core uses the weight of the body to stretch the back, thus increasing the space between the vertebrae


MagniStretch uses a technological patent obtained in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Zaragoza University and as the result of a complex program of ergonomic tests.


MagniStretch is a revolutionary mattress designed to stretch and decompress your spine while preventing compacted vertebrae. Your body will be rejuvenated thanks to an increased blood flow that revitalizes your discs.


MagniStretch ensures long-term benefits to the back, reducing muscular contraction and vertebrae compacting, and reducing neck and back pain due to bad postural habits. Night after night, you will experience the benefits of MagniStretch on your body and in the quality of your life.


Magniflex is known for its continuous efforts in research and development which brings innovative sleep solutions to the world through modern technology.