Our Brands

Reverie Sleep Systems

If there were ever a more personally rewarding piece of furniture than our adjustable bases, we haven’t seen it. It is purely, decadently, dedicated to your own idea of comfort. Raise it; lower it. Enjoy some quiet with AntiSnore position.

Pure Talalay Bliss

When you lie down at the end of a long day, our Talalay mattresses form to your body to give you support where you need it. Each mattress is custom made by hand.


Mattresses for a healthy lifestyle. Getting a good night’s sleep is a necessity even before being a pleasure. Magniflex invests all its experience into promoting the quality of sleep by making mattresses, bed frames, pillows and accessories that offer the height of comfort and improve the quality of life.


The ReST Bed™ is the only truly smart bed: Senses pressure. Automatically responds. Reports sleep data.